Alexandra Soumm

Born in 1989, Alex­an­dra Sou­mm won the 1st Prize of the Euro­vi­sion Com­pet­i­tion in Lucerne 2004. Since then, she has begun a solo career that lead her to play with Israel Phil­har­mon­ic, Orchestre Nation­al de Lyon, Vienna Cham­ber Orches­tra, Ensemble Orches­tral de Par­is and the Orchestre Nation­al d’Ile de France.

Alexandra’s debut record­ing released in 2008 on the Claves label was an album com­pris­ing the Bruch and first Paganini con­certo.  Her second disc with Claves, a record­ing of the viol­in son­atas by Grieg, was released in Spring 2010.

Articles and Interviews


Eurovision Competition 2004, Carmen Fantasie

Molinara, with Israel Philharmonic


Alex­an­dra Sou­mm at the web­site of Asko­nas Holt

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